Easy like Sunday morning.

Park with ease, with Kjapp. Offering the fastest and simplest approach to parking in Oslo, Kjapp is also proud to partner with "In the Same Boat". Every time you park your car, you help keep Norway's coastline beautiful.

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Fast, reliable, dirt simple.

Developed specifically for the Norwegian market, Kjapp ensures that with only a few taps you'll be on your way. And every minute of your parking donates a small proportion to an environmental cause.

Our Goal

Make parking KJAPP

Our goal with KJAPP is to make parking as small a chore as possible. We understand that users have better things to do with their time than fiddle with yet another complicated mobile app; our solution moves mountains to get you securely parked and on with your day.

In The Same Boat

Our strategic and environmental partners

They're the silent heroes, battling against litter and other refuse on our coastline. This non-profit conducts its year-round marine cleanup operations via its own fleet of vessels.


Clean, Simple & Easy

Fast & Powerful

Lightweight and nimble, Kjapp offers the quickest way to get parking.


We care about the environment. By parking with Kjapp, you help to keep the Norwegian coastline clean.


We do not store any sensitive user information on our servers, and comply with all GDPR regulations.


Notifications keep you informed about your parking session, even if the app is turned off.


Kjapp is optimized for a wide range of Android and iOS mobile devices.


Technical support is here to help, no matter the question or issue you face.


Parking with us is easy and simple


Create an account

You can create your user account either by providing an email address and password, or by logging in via Facebook. Jump right in and check out the features, or add a vehicle and payment method.

Select a zone and park

Clear, vivid renderings of parking zones help you navigate to the right spot. With location services enabled by default, if you pull into a surface parking spot and activate Kjapp, your parking zone will be automatically selected. Alternately, you can manually search for a specific parking zone. Specify time-defined or start/stop parking, then slide to park, and you're done.

End your parking session

When you're finished parking, just tap "Stop" and you'll only be charged for the exact number of minutes you parked. If you forget to end your parking session, you'll receive notifications.



How do I get up and running with the app?

It's as simple as downloading from the App Store or Google Play, depending on whether you're on an iOS or Android device. Follow the signup flow, create your user, and you're in.

How do I add a vehicle?

You can add a vehicle either via the main menu, or through a shortcut at the parking screen. You can add as many vehicles as you like. Just make sure your registration number is accurately recorded!

How do I add payment options?

As with vehicles, you can add and modify payment options either via the main menu, or through a shortcut at the parking screen. Feel free to store as many payment options as you like.

What happens if I kill KJAPP during a parking session, or my phone runs out of battery?

When you next open KJAPP, the session will still be in progress, and you can end the session there -- if it hasn't ended itself automatically, given time constraints for different parking zones, or the duration you specified in a time-defined session. Even if you lose your phone, you can log in to KJAPP on any other mobile advice using the same credentials, and continue to manage your session from there.

What's with the beach stuff?

We care about Norway's environment, and by partnering with "In the Same Boat" we have an excellent opportunity to spread the word and raise funds for the cause.

Can I use KJAPP without logging in or providing payment options and vehicles?

Yes you can! When launching KJAPP without logging in, you see a guest mode that lets you browse most of the features of the app without actually generating a parking session. In order to park, you must register and add vehicle and payment options.

Are you storing sensitive information about me?

No, we care about user privacy. Stripe, our trusted 3rd party pavement provider, tokenizes every payment method and no such information is stored on our servers. You also have the option to permanently wipe your parking history on demand. Our app strictly conforms to all GDPR and PCI DSS compliance rules.

What do I do if I run into trouble with the app, or a bill?

Every working day from 08:00 to 20:00 we are available to reply to your inquiries. Contact us below at the Contact section.